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Islami Bank iBanking Smart PIN or Green PIN

Islami Bank iBanking Smart PIN or Green PIN- Islami Bank started its journey in 1983 as the first interest free bank in Southeast Asia. Islami Bank is working to ensure the best service to its customers by inventing various alternative best practices keeping pace with the times. In its continuation, Islami Bank has introduced Smart PIN or Green PIN (TPIN) for its internet banking users.

What is Smart PIN (TPIN)?
Smart PIN or Green PIN is a method where the customer will set the TPIN of his internet banking manually. No TPIN will be printed on paper (PIN Mailer) when internet banking is introduced. If any customer wants to take TPIN, she/ he has contact to the call center (09611317259) and set the TPIN of internet banking.

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Instruction for ‘iBanking Green PIN’ service:
Debit approval for iBanking users will be executed without any physical TPIN request.
After debit approval, you have to call to +8809611316259 from your registered phone number given during iBanking registration to set the Green PIN.
After calling to +8809611316259, the system will automatically identify the iBanking user and forward the call to contact center agent for further verification.
Contact center agent will ask prescribed questions to the caller for verification.
After successful verification of the customer, agent will transfer the call to IVR for setting Green TPIN.
You will be asked to set 4 digits PIN by IVR.
You will be asked to re-enter the same 4 digits PIN for confirmation.
System will match the PIN and store it against the iBanking profile of the customer. IVR will recognize this as Success and inform you accordingly. System will also send a confirmation SMS/email to your registered mobile number/email address.
After that, iBanking users (you) have to log-in to your profile and change the PIN again before start transactional activities.
If you forgot your existing TPIN and want to reset/set new Green PIN, you can follow the same process by calling to +8809611316259 from the registered phone number.

Need to know more
For assistance on your queries, you can contact via the options available below-
❏ Contact any Bank Branch/ Agent Banking Outlet/ Sub-Branch
❏ ✆ Call Center: 16259 (Local); (+8802) 8331090 (Overseas)
❏ GPO Box No: 233
❏ Telephone: (02) 9563040 (Auto Hunting), 9560099, 9567161, 9567162, 9569417
❏ Mobile: 88-01711-435638-9
❏ Telex: 642525 IBANK BJ, 632403 IBANK BJ, 671620 IBANK BJ
❏ Fax: 880- 2- 9564532, 880 -2- 9568634
❏ Email:
❏ Website:

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