Banker’s Database


Banker’s Database: This database is only for the members of Facebook Banker’s group “Banker-ব্যাংকার । A Platform for bankers“. It is a online platform based Banker’s group that has members of all Banks of Bangladesh, who are currently in service or Ex Banker as respective bankers in their banks.

Those who have not yet joined this database, you can join by adding information in the comments section of your bank database.

Just click on the logo of your desired bank and you will find the name and primary information’s of the bankers working there who our member of our group. We thank you for your cooperation and support.There are total 68 Banks Bankers Information found in our database respectively. We have filed (Banker’s Information) 1 Central Bank (Bangladesh Bank), 6 State owned commercial banks (SOCBs), 3 Specialized banks (SDBs), 42 Private commercial banks (PCBs), 9 Foreign commercial banks (FCBs), 5 Non-scheduled banks, 1 Land Development Bank (Progoti Bank) & 1 Samabaya Bank in Bangladesh. We have members from all banks, and here you will find the information of the Bankers in the group working in different banks all over the country.

P.S: This website and database serves soul purpose of the online Banker’s group “Banker-ব্যাংকার। A Platform for bankers“.

Information updated by:
Shamsuddin Akanda
Admin & CEO of Banker