Islami Bank Contributing Development Contributing Bangladesh


Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is performing a significant role in the development of the country. The Bank is working in the export sector from the very beginning resulting in maximizing export earnings as well as creating employment opportunities in Bangladesh. The Bank has already emerged as the top export-import bank in Bangladesh. IBBL satisfies most of the efficiency conditions if they can operate as a sole system in an economy.

Islami Bank Contributing Development Contributing Bangladesh.
Islami Bank a Bank with True Excellence.
Islami Bank is the only Bangladeshi Bank among the Top 1000 Banks of the world.
Highest remittance receiving bank with one-third market share of the country.
Highest contribution to the SME sector with a market share of around 20%.
Country leader in import & export finance.

Highest tax paying bank of the country.
Created employment opportunities by investing in 6000 industries.
Financed more than 1000 garment factories with highest market share.
Facilitated micro-finance to 1.5 million families across 25000 villages of the country.
Remarkable contribution to agriculture and agro based industries in Bangladesh.

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