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Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has been expanding its own ATM/ CRM network across the country to provide different types of banking services round the clock and also to reduce rush and queue from branch premises. The volume of transactions of CRM/ ATM is increasing day by day.

To make more convenient and secure cash deposit transactions at CRM (especially for term deposit account holders who has no debit card and SMS registration), IBBL has introduced a new product named “IBBL Deposit Card”. By introducing Deposit Card, following benefits will be achieved:

A) Objectives of IBBL “Deposit Card”
◾ To make easy cash deposit in CRM as much as possible so that the customers feel user friendly & convenient to deposit through the Deposit Card.
◾ Implementation of Green Banking i.e. banking without deposit sleep & engagement of Bank officials.
◾ Reduce rush and queue from branch premises.
◾ Facilitate the customers to avail this ADC service.

B) Eligible Accounts for IBBL “Deposit Card”
IBBL “Deposit Card” may be issued against the following accounts:
◾ Al-Wadeah Current Account (AWCA)
◾ Mudaraba Savings Account (MSA)
◾ Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit Account (MSNDA)
◾ Mudaraba Special Savings Account (MSSA)
◾ Mudaraba Muhor Savings Account (MMSA)
◾ Students Mudaraba Savings Account (SMSA)
◾ Mudaraba Farmers Savings Account (MFSA).

C) Charges/ Fees for issuing Deposit Card
◾ Issuing Charge is Tk. 50.00 (Fifty) only as income for each Deposit Card.
◾ Issuing Charge/ Fee can be recovered as Cash or Deduct from respective Customer Account while delivering the card to the customer.

Interested customers with the above account are asked to contact the nearest Islami Bank branch. If you have any query in this regard, please feel free to call at 09611216259.

Need to know more
For assistance on your queries, you can contact via the options available below-
◾ Contact any Bank Branch/ Agent Banking Outlet/ Sub-Branch
◾ ✆ Call Center: 16259 (Local); (+8802) 8331090 (Overseas)
◾ GPO Box No: 233
◾ Telephone: (02) 9563040 (Auto Hunting), 9560099, 9567161, 9567162, 9569417
◾ Mobile: 88-01711-435638-9
◾ Telex: 642525 IBANK BJ, 632403 IBANK BJ, 671620 IBANK BJ
◾ Fax: 880- 2- 9564532, 880 -2- 9568634
◾ Email: info@islamibankbd.com
◾ Website: www.islamibankbd.com

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