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Islami Bank Account Open through CellFin

Islami Bank Account Open through CellFin- Islami Bank CellFin is a mobile application for digital banking services and transactions. By successfully installing this mobile application, customer instantly will get a virtual VISA or Master Card. Islami Bank CellFin provides different type of Cards and accounts related service through ATM, POS, VISA, MasterCard, NPS, BACH, EFT, RTGS, Branch, Sub-Branch, Agent Banking Outlet, Foreign Exchange House etc. from a single channel. Islami Bank’s CBS Accounts, mCash, Khidmah Card, Bill Payment, Fee Payment, Merchant Payment through QR, Cash by Code and SMS Gateway etc. also integrated with CellFin.

CellFin is the Omni channel or integrator for all types of financial transactions and services for both banking and non-banking customers. IBBPLC, ADD, ICT Wing has introduced to open a Bank Account through CellFin from anywhere of the country without going to any branches. The details procedure of opening Islami Bank Account is under:

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Islami Bank Bangladesh PLC at a glance

1. Selection of Branch: Customer will select preferred branch to open CBS accounts. It is very important for customers to select a branch because once a customer selects a branch he/ she cannot change branch.
2. Type of Account: Customer can open only individual types of account (MSA, MSSA, SMSA and MMPDA).
3. Quantity of Account: One customer can open one MSA and multiple term account.
4. Sign Card: NID front page that contains picture and signature will be used as sign card.

5. Transaction Profile: Deposit or Withdrawal BDT 1,00,000 (One Lac) per month.
6. Required Documents: Before opening of Islami Bank account, customer must have following documents to his mobile phone or have to capture:
a. A registered CellFin A/C.
b. Nominee Information (Name, Father Name, Mother Name, Address, NID and Photo).
c. Nominee NID and photo (Passport Size).
7. Process of Account Opening: For details process of opening of Islami Bank Account from CellFin please see below:

Step 1: IBBPLC A/C Opening through CellFin App
Now all CellFin customers can open Islami Bank Account to his/ her desired Branch through CellFin Digital app.
Mudaraba Savings Account (MSA): Generally known as SAVINGS ACCOUNT.
Mudaraba Special Savings (Pension) Account (MSSA): Generally known as DPS account where 3 years, 05 years or 10 years term, can be opened for monthly deposits of Tk. 100.00, Tk. 200.00, Tk. 300.00, Tk. 400.00, Tk. 500.00, Tk. 600.00, Tk. 700.00, Tk. 800.00, Tk. 900.00, Tk. 1000.00 and multiple of thousand up-to Tk. 20,000.00.
After maturity the account holder will be paid his/ her deposited amount with profit earned at a time or on installment basis.
Mudaraba Monthly Profit Deposit Account (MMPDA): Any individual may open this account by depositing a minimum amount of Taka 100,000 (One Lac) and multiples thereof at a time for five years only. Monthly provisional profit will be given to account just after completion of minimum 30 days from the date of opening of the account. The profit amount will be adjusted on completion of each accounting year after declaration of final rate of profit.

Step 2: Required Things for IBBL A/C Opening
To open IBBPLC A/C at any branch, customer must have the following things:
A CellFin A/C.
Preferred Branch.
Father Name, Mother Name.
Source of Fund, Monthly Income, Profession.
Present Address.
Nominee Information (Name, Father Name, Mother Name, Address, NID and Photo).
Please scan nominee NID and photo (Passport Size) in your phone before proceeding.
Currently one customer can open only one MSA account in a branch and multiple term accounts.

Step 3: Start A/C Opening Process
After success fully login to CellFin App select Open A/C then enter CellFin PIN (06 Digits) and press submit button.

Step 4: Selection of Account Type
Customer will select account type which he wants to open in any branch of IBBPLC.

Step 5: Mobile Number Validation
Select your preferred Branch, Father Name, Mother Name, Marital Status, Income, Source of Fund, Profession, District, Thana and other details information.

Step 6: Upload National ID Card
If the customer choose to open MSSA account, he has to enter related information like Terms, installment amount etc.
Also customer has to upload nominee’s photo and NID/ passport image.

After submitting all the information, CellFin app will open an IBBPLC Account with the selected branch and show the account number to the customer.
If customer wants to change anything of this newly opened account, customer will go that branch and branch will do necessary changes as per his application.
This account will be automatically linked with the customer CellFin account as well.

Need to know more
For assistance on your queries, you can contact via the options available below-
❏ Contact any Bank Branch/ Agent Banking Outlet/ Sub-Branch
❏ ✆ Call Center: 16259 (Local); (+8802) 8331090 (Overseas)
❏ GPO Box No: 233
❏ Telephone: (02) 9563040 (Auto Hunting), 9560099, 9567161, 9567162, 9569417
❏ Mobile: 88-01711-435638-9
❏ Telex: 642525 IBANK BJ, 632403 IBANK BJ, 671620 IBANK BJ
❏ Fax: 880- 2- 9564532, 880 -2- 9568634
❏ Email:
❏ Website:

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  1. I already open a account on IBBL Konabari branch by CellFin but how can I get my cheque book and cards Account number : 2050*****07

  2. I have opened a bank account through Selfin app from Saudi Arabia. Instead of selecting savings account i have selected students saving account. Now how could i change it?

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  4. What is CellFin?

    CellFin is the Omni channel financial mobile application for banked or non-banked people. Any customer can avail all kinds of financial or non-transactional services.

  5. আসসালামু আলাইকুম, ভাই আমি সৌদি আরব প্রবাসী, ইসলামী ব্যাংকের সৌদি আরবে কাজ করে এমন একজন প্রতিনিধির নাম্বার দেন।

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