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M S Akanda: The aim of Islami Bank Bangladesh PLC is to deliver banking services to customers’ doorsteps. Additionally, the bank is committed to providing fast service. To achieve this, the bank has launched the Islami Bank Help Portal. Through this portal, customers can access services at any time (24/7) from any part of Bangladesh using their mobile phones or computers.

Islami Bank Help Portal
The Islami Bank Help Portal is a digital web portal. By using this portal, customers can access the following important banking services at any time (24/7) from any part of Bangladesh using their mobile phones or computers:
1) Check Account Balance
2) Show Account Statement
3) Check Card Balance
4) Show Card Statement
5) Issue ATM Transaction Dispute and
6) Track Issued Dispute

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Benefits of Islami Bank Help Portal
The following are the benefits that customers will gain through the Islami Bank Help Portal:
• Customers will receive instant service, thereby reducing the customer service pressure on branches and contact centers.
• The service quality of every branch and contact center will improve.
• Customers’ trust and satisfaction with the bank will increase.
• Customers don’t need to visit a branch to check their balance.
• Customers do not need to visit a branch or call the contact center to issue a dispute claim.
• Customers can check the status of dispute claims.
For more details about the Islami Bank Help Portal, click “here

Courtesy: Mohammad Shamsuddin Akanda, Islami Bank Bangladesh PLC (IBBPLC)

Contact for details
Islami Bank Bangladesh PLC, Head Office: Islami Bank Tower, 40 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh, or Contact any Branch/Sub-Branch/Agent Banking Outlet
✆ Call Center: 16259 (Local); (+8802) 8331090 (Overseas)
GPO Box No: 233
Telephone: (02) 9563040 (Auto Hunting), 9560099, 9567161, 9567162, 9569417
Mobile: 88-01711-435638-9
Telex: 642525 IBANK BJ, 632403 IBANK BJ, 671620 IBANK BJ
Fax: 880- 2- 9564532, 880 -2- 9568634

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