Islami Bank iCashRemit


Want to share you a good news! Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited has introduced a very unique service for you namely IBBL iCashRemit. Using this service you can withdraw cash from any IBBL ATM without using card, or you can send money to any person in Bangladesh who only needs to have a mobile phone to receive message, Please update your app IBBL iSmart (Version 4.4.2).

How it can help you?
✔ You can withdraw cash from any IBBL ATM booth without using card.
✔ You can send money to any person in Bangladesh who only needs to have a mobile phone to receive message.

What you need to do?
To withdraw cash from ATM using code, you need 3 things:
✔ Transaction ID
✔ PIN1
✔ PIN2

Steps to withdraw cash from ATM
Step 1: Use IBBL iSmart to issue cash remittance (to generate transaction ID). Transaction ID and PIN1 will be sent to your mobile. And PIN2 will be sent to beneficiary’s mobile phone.
Step 2: Go to nearest IBBL ATM booth. Press on Cardless transaction and follow the rest process.

IBBL iSmart –>
Process 1:
First you have to need login to IBBL iSmart by your User ID & Password

Process 2:
Then Select iCashRemit

Process 3:
Then Select your Account (Which Account you debited)

Process 4:
Then Select Beneficiary Type- Self or Others & Type Withdrawal Amount (Minimum 500 Taka & Maximum 20,000 Taka) Then press Submit

Process 5:
You get an OTP, Type your TPIN & OTP Then press Submit

Process 6:
You received a Transaction ID & PIN1 and Beneficiary get PIN2

Process 1:
Go to your nearest IBBL ATM Booth. Select Cardless Transaction Button

Process 2:
Select Cash by Code

Process 3:
Enter Transaction ID and press Continue Button

Process 4:
please Enter Your PIN (PIN1 & PIN2) and press Continue Button

Then you can successfully received your cash. Please let us know your new experience, and any hurdle if you face email to:

Need to know more
For assistance on your queries, you can contact via the options available below-
❏ Contact any Bank Branch/ Agent Banking Outlet/ Sub-Branch
❏ ✆ Call Center: 16259 (Local); (+8802) 8331090 (Overseas)
❏ GPO Box No: 233
❏ Telephone: (02) 9563040 (Auto Hunting), 9560099, 9567161, 9567162, 9569417
❏ Mobile: 88-01711-435638-9
❏ Telex: 642525 IBANK BJ, 632403 IBANK BJ, 671620 IBANK BJ
❏ Fax: 880- 2- 9564532, 880 -2- 9568634
❏ Email:
❏ Website: