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[IBBL iBanking] New feature launched! Schedule a task for future time!! Dear Customer, Asslamu alaikum. IBBL glad to let you know that a new service Create Tasks is being introduced in IBBL iBanking. Using this feature you can create/schedule a task like iRecharge, iTransfer for executing at a future time. You can schedule the task for executing once or repeatedly.

How to avail the service?
You will find a new feature in the top bar Create tasks, just click it and subscribe.
Or you can go to menu Features and Forms > Our Services, there you will find Create Tasks, click and subscribe.

How to create/schedule a task?
You can schedule a task in any future date for executing once or repeatedly.
One time execution: You can schedule a task like iRecharge or iTransfer in any particular future date to be execute. Like, you want send money to a person in a future date, then just chose task execution Once and then provide the details.
Schedule repeated tasks: If you want a task to be executed repeatedly, you can chose task execution Repeated. At this case you need to pick whether you want the repetition by Day or Month or Year interval, and pick a task end time. The task end time is the time when the task execution will end.

  • For example, you want send money to your MSS account once every month, then you should pick repeat type > Month, and repeat interval 1
  • If you want to recharge your mobile every week, you should pick repeat type > Day, and repeat interval 7.

Always type https://ibblportal.islamibankbd.com in browser for accessing iBanking.

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