No cash incentive on bonds for non-resident Bangladeshis


According to a Bangladesh Bank notice issued today, there is no cash incentive on investment in three types of bonds for non-resident Bangladeshis. The three government securities are wage earner development bond, US dollar investment bond and US dollar premium bond.

The government started to disburse 2 percent cash incentive against remittance since July last year boosting the inflow. But was confusion whether investors of bonds enjoy cash incentive or not. As such the central bank clarified the matter by issuing the notice.

Bangladeshi nationals residing abroad and Bangladeshi origin foreign nationals living outside the country are allowed to invest in both US dollar investment and premium bonds.

Any Bangladeshi wage earner living abroad, employee of the government, autonomous, semi-autonomous entity working abroad on lien, and the government employees working in the high commission of Bangladesh are allowed to invest in wage earner development bond.