Corona Outbreak: Humanity hits Hard


Corona Virus (COVID-19) is devastating our regular tasks, forcing mankind to think vigorously about humanity, how we should act in the post Corona war for developing humanity. We realized inevitably and learned how our humans behavior changed overtime in response to the Corona pandemic, we observed mother left her child at hospital, sons and daughters left their mother in the forest, doctors left hospitals, faced obstacle by social extremism to bury death body in the graveyard and so on.

On the other hand, some real heroes come into account, need to acknowledge by giving a big salute while they are actively contributing in the crisis moments of the corona pandemic as like giving various means, foods, protection materials among the poor class of people voluntarily by social workers from their own means besides government. Some of bank personnel are ensuring restless services in considering general people’s liquid money requirements. Media people is ensuing relentless news services from every corner of the world and creating awareness regarding the corona virus. Healthcare people is giving the utmost treatments to the corona affected human. Food suppliers, farmers, fishermen are all taking risk and supplies foods, harvesting corps, and fishing relentlessly and meeting people’s daily necessities.

As the ripple of COVID-19 is training inevitably around the globe, it’s forcing humankind to innovate and change the way we work and live as we realized by seemingly some phenomena pull out humanity. We saw in the newspapers, local politician sealed rice, oil and other foods of government reliefs. Government should form a good governance institution and a humanity school for teaching all works of people.

As we know most of the political leader of our country is beyond having well education in terms of institutional degrees and self education. Government should establish a good governance and a humanity institution for specially teaching politician. Government should create a law that it is mandatory for every politician to earn a diploma degree on good governance and humanity for getting election nomination. Besides government and private service holder, all lawmakers, local and national politician should have a degree on good governance and humanity for developing human rights and sustainable economic growths in the coming days during the post corona pandemic era.

Writer: Mohammad Nure Alarm