Book Review: Hate Kolome Export Business

How to export products from our country to more new countries? How to find new buyers worldwide, how to market new markets and products in exported countries? You can find out the overall method of export business from the book.

● Where do you first start exporting and select the country using the key parameters?
● What would your first impression be like with a buyer? How to create a catalog, e-mail technique, meeting technique, social media and website benefits?
● How to find an international buyer?
● How do you know if the buyer is trustworthy or original?
● Market visit technique.
● Country Specific Labeling.
● Export Pricing.
● Incoterms.
● International Payments.
● Shipments and documents.

Get started with exporting
Exporting can be a profitable way to expand your business, spread your risks and reduce your dependence on the local market. It can also be complex and confusing. There is a lot to navigate and many factors you need to consider. One small step in the wrong direction can lead to significant legal issues and financial loss.

This is why we have developed our Export Book. It gives you the tools, processes and information you need to get your business export ready. You’ll be guided through each step of setting up your business for exporting success.

Why do export business?
● Govt. is proving Cash Incentives
● VAT facilities
● Bond facilities
● CIP facilities
● Earns valuable foreign currency Create Image for Local Market
● Management Technique Minimize Risk
● Increase Profit
● Cost Minimization
● Improve Production Efficiency
● Communication Development

For any kind of information, suggestion feel free to contact with author by Email: learnexportwithjahid@gmail.com

About the author of Hate Kolome Export Business
Mr. Jahid Hussain is an experienced International Business Development professional in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, and Food & Beverage sectors. He has extensive experience in New Export Market Identification, Country-specific business planning, Export Order Processing, Execution of Shipment & overall Export business management.

He has detailed knowledge on product registration, pricing, value chain, marketing & promotional activities, arrangement of international Fair and overall Commercial activities of Documentation, L/C, Advance TT, Banks, PRC, VAT & Customs, PSI, Insurance, C&F Agents, Freight Forwarding Agents, Shipping Lines, Transport Agents, etc. to ensure smooth shipment & release of the consignment.

Currently, he is working as Head of Export, Assistant General Manager, Elson Consumer Products Ltd. Before that he worked with Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. & Super Star Group in the same Export role. He completed his graduation and post-graduation from Dhaka College, Bangladesh. He has trained over 5,000 new entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, technical and management experts and still counting in.

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